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Erika Allen, J.D., Ph.D., is an independent training consultant, working with large corporations, agencies and non-profit organizations around the country. She provides comprehensive training services in both public communications and in legal compliance. She specializes in communicating about legal issues to non-legal audiences, both inside and outside of organizations (e.g., media coverage of legal events, internal employee communications).

Erika's highly-regarded preventative legal training can be a key service for organizations striving for best compliance practices in this period of heightened regulatory scrutiny and litigation risk. Moreover, compliance training can be an important component for organizations to audit their own practices, manage risks and resolve matters internally. At public companies, such training can be an important tool for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations recently imposed on public companies. In addition, Erika's legal training assists those organizations seeking to take advantage of the incentives offered through the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the DOJ's standards for prosecution, and the leniency programs of other regulatory agencies. Erika's communication work focuses on high-stakes communication: media and crisis training for corporate spokespeople.

Erika offers clients a complete suite of training services: instructional design (including needs analysis and related consulting), custom curriculum development, off-the-shelf products and seminars, and delivery. She designs for and delivers training through all technologies: traditional classroom, written materials, video, live web, CBT, and business television. Erika is supported by an IT professional, graphic designer and a video production team.